Station Brae

February 2019

2nd February

A bit of snow around this week prevented too much going on but the week following saw loads of work being done, see above.

9th February

lots of work happening this week, Treatment Plant, both soakaways, main drainage, some of the steel and the area around the house now being worked on to get it level.

11th February

Really moving on now, compacted hardcore inside the house so next thing is the Insulation and the Underfloor Heating Pipes to be laid. Then next will be the floor slab once the temperature allows.

13th February

Site all ready for floor insulation,Underfloor Heating Pipes and concrete slab to go in next week, then the house build will start a couple of weeks later.

18th February

Insulation now in.

19th February

Under Floor Heating Pipes now laid.....

21st February

Concrete floor in now wait until 12th March for the kit to arrive ! (edit, 26th March!)